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Welcome to the Private Customer Section for Professional Health Products: If you have ordered from us before go ahead and Sign into your Acct and proceed with your order, you will have access to all the Professional Health Care Products. After you sign into your account you can access these products by clicking on the "Private Customer Section" on the left hand side of the site, then (in yellow BELOW) click HERE to access this section..

If you're not ordered from us before and you want to have access to the Private Section you may inquire about Professional Health Products by calling 1(800) 422-9660 or Office (650) 291-0709 or email us at

If you are logged in to your Account, click HERE to Access the Private section.

Here is a list of Products we carry so far.. 6-10-19 We will be transiting to NEW Professional Health Products New Blue LABELS soon....:



Eco-Thyro 125



Neuro Medulla Complex


BH4 Assist

Collagen Complex

Pro Sod/ Catalase

Histamine Scavenger

Pancreatin 8x plus 45t or 315 t
$33 or $220

Pro SAMe

Gluco-Beta Stimulator Plus

Phase 2.5 Complete Detox

Phase 3 Complete Detox

Immune Complex

Stop Inflammation

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