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303 Formula by Dee Cee  45t or 250t--New 303 Formula by Dee Cee labs 45t or 250t--New

  • Effective for those with difficulty sleeping, snoring, restlessness
  • Natural tension and stress relief, relaxation

Our Price: $15.50
5-HTP 5-HTP- Increase serotonin

5-HTP is well established for it's mood enhancing properties and better sleep, mood elevation, panic attacks. It has been used for a variety of conditions. It is currently used in Germany as a standard treatment for depression.

Our Price: $26.76
Bioflavonoid Complex Bioflavonoids

A good product for supporting capillary strength and for also increasing Vitamin C. This product combines lemon bioflavnoids, Rutin and Hesperidin making it a powerful formula for promoting healthy Skin and Eyes. A must for people taking high dosages of Vitamin C

Our Price: $12.60
Eye Health-new Eye Health

Comprehensive nutritional support for healthy mature eyes.

Our Price: $42.72
Goji Berry Extract Goji Berry Extract

Plus help potential to boost the immune system,can protect the retina and improve vision and reduce the risk of a great many diseases including cancer, heart diseases and age related diseases, like, Alzheimer's disease.
Goji juice can also help those working hard to lose their weight.

Our Price: $20.45
Keto FIBER High-Fiber superfood by Ancient Nutrition Keto FIBER High-Fiber superfood by Ancient Nutrition--NEW

Keto FIBER is a powerful combination of organic high fiber superfoods including chia, flax and cinnamon, boosted with fermented herbs and MCTs.

Our Price: $29.35
Lauricidin® 8 oz Pure Monolaurin Lauricidin® 8 oz Pure Monolaurin

The highly purified mini-pellets have been shown in laboratories worldwide to Inactivate bacteria, viruses and fungi/yeast. Human studies underway support many benefits of Lauricidin® when used daily as a dietary food supplement.

Our Price: $32.95
Natural Anti-Inflammatory Natural Anti-Inflamatory

A natural Product for all inflammation needs, such as arthritis , muscle pain..

Our Price: $35.45
Pantothenic  Acid Pantothenic Acid

Pantothenic Acid good for Stress, Stamina also help turn carbohydrates and fats into usable energy. Improve your ability to respond to stress by supporting your adrenal glands. Assure adequate production of healthy fats in your cells.

Our Price: $16.80
Professional's  Care  Aloe Vera  Drink  32oz Professional's Care Aloe Vera Drink 32oz

It is believed the Aloe Vera plant produces at least 6 antiseptic agents. Find out more why our patients prefer this drink to others.

Our Price: $11.95

Resveratrol Plus Resveratrol Plus

Resveratrol Plus may support heart health by providing the antioxidant protection needed for healthy circulation, and by inhibiting inflammation messengers including NF kappa B.

Our Price: $20.25