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Zinc Lozenges
Zinc Lozenges
Easy to take Zinc Lozenges

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Zinc is an essential trace element involved in most major metabolic pathways. General signs of human zinc deficiency indicate that zinc has important functions in maintaining immune function, reproduction, healthy skin, and growth. Numerous studies support the fundamental role of zinc in normal immune response in humans. Immune cells must be able to rapidly divide in order to respond to daily challenges. Like all rapidly dividing cells, immune cells depend on adequate amounts of dietary zinc. As a cofactor of the antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD), zinc can be considered an antioxidant nutrient. Zinc supplementation has been shown to increase the antioxidant activity of SOD, and provide increased free radical protection. Zinc deficiency is associated with increased oxidative damage. Absorption of toxic heavy metals, especially cadmium and lead, is lower in individuals with high zinc status compared to those with low zinc status.
The body pool of readily available zinc appears to be small, which renders the body susceptible to deficiency and therefore dependent on a steady dietary supply of bioavailable zinc. While typical zinc intakes in U.S. adults are between 10 and 15 mg per day, which approach the RDA, intakes in the elderly are often low. Pregnant women are also at risk for zinc deficiency, since they have a higher requirement for this trace element. Frequently, vegetarians and chronically depressed individuals have been found to have low zinc status.
How do you know if you are defecient in Zinc:
Zinc deficiencies can often be diagnosed through a blood test or urine or hair analysis.

Benefits of Zinc:
1. Supports a Health Digestive system
Zinc is important for maintaining a healthy digestive system. In fact, zinc is required for the activity of over 300 enzymes in the body, many of which are involved in normal digestion, metabolism and nutrient absorption.

What’s more, coming up short on zinc can directly impact those same areas of digestion, metabolism and nutrient absorption .
2. Supports Healthy Immune system

Zinc plays a central role in immune system health and is essential for the function and development of immune cells in the body. For this reason, many people recommend using a zinc supplement to support healthy immune system function.

Often times, other supplements added to your regiment such as probiotics, elderberry or vitamin c is a great addition to your arsenal of keeping your immune system strong.

100 Lozenges
Each lozenge contains 10 mg of elemental zinc in the form of zinc citrate.

Zinc Lozenges supply bioavailable zinc, sweetened with sorbitol and flavored with natural orange extracts.

How to Use
  • One lozenge every two hours while awake or as directed by a healthcare professional. Allow to dissolve completely in the mouth. Do not exceed ten lozenges per day. Prolonged use of more than seven days in a row is not recommended. Consult your physician if you wish to extend use or increase frequency. When used on a regular basis, one or two lozenges per day may be taken for extended periods.

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