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Liver Support with Milk Thistle
Liver  Support with Milk Thistle
Great Liver support


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The Liver is regarded as the largest gland in the body, because it secretes bile. The bile secreted helps in digestion and fat transportation. Your health greatly depends on the many functions performed by this organ. The list below shows a typical workday for the human liver.


  • Synthesis and breakdown of amino acids and Protein
  • Carbohydrate metabolism Carbohydrate
  • Lipid (fat)metabolism
  • Blood coagulate production
  • Production of insulin like growth factor (IGF-1)
  • Production and secretion of bile
  • Breaks down hormones
  • Breaks down insulin
  • Breakdown of red blood cells and hemoglobin
  • Cholesterol regulation
  • Detoxifies the blood
  • Metabolizes medicine
  • Metabolizes alcohol
  • Storage of Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Iron, copper and glycogen (glucose)

As you can see the many functions of the liver that's why you need to protect and do some prevention to help keep your liver healthy.

Your liver is a organ in your body that must process everything you eat, drink, and breathe.

As you know we live in a very polluted and toxic environment. You can't even drive down the road with our window down without having your throat clogged with pollution from the cars and trucks you share the road with. We also are told not to drink the very tap water that runs directly in our homes. We either filter it (shower filter) or buy it in bottles. You even have to be careful about the toxic materials we use everyday, such as cleaning agents. All of the negative influences coming from our environment adversely affect the Liver.

So why not keep your Liver healthy and Happy.


Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid) 50mg 83%

Vitamin B-6 (as pyridoxine HCI) 200mcg 300%

Folate 200mcg 50%

Vitamin B-12 (as cyanocobalamin) 200mcg 3333%

Pantothenic Acid

(as calcium pantothenate) 60mg 600%

Magnesium (as magnesium aspartate) 25mg 11%

Choline (as choline bitartrate) 60mg 11%

Milk Thistle 110mg *

Inositol 75mg *

Betaine (as betaine HCI) 60mg *

L-Methionine 50mg *

Green Beet Leaf 50mg *

PABA (para amino benzoic acid) 25mg *

SIZE: 90Capsules

Other ingredients: gelatin, rice flour


Our Supplement is NSF/GMP Certified facility

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