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Niatab 500 by Douglas labs Niatab 500 by Douglas labs--NEW

Niatab 500 tablets slowly release 500 mg of pure niacin (nicotinic acid) over 2 to 3 hours to help reduce uncomfortable flushing or itching.

Our Price: $16.00
TestoGain™ is a Hormone Specific™ TestoGain Healthy Testosterone production & function

Designed to help to support the health of testosterone-producing glands and testosterone-responsive tissues.

Our Price: $55.50
Beauty Hair growth formula by Douglas Lab--NEW Beauty Hair growth formula by Douglas Lab--NEW

  • Supports natural hair growth cycle and reduces loss
  • Promotes hair quality, thickness and volume
  • Protects hair follicles
  • Includes polyphenols, nutrients packed with antioxidants, to promote hair growth

Our Price: $67.50